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Steven Vickery BA (hons), QTS, AD. DIP., MSc

Image of Steven Vickery, Strive PBS

I have worked with children and adults with Severe Learning Difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Conditions and associated behaviours that can challenge for the past 21 years.

During this time I have implemented and designed effective interventions to reduce behaviours that challenge, improve modes of communication skills and improve life skills and opportunities to increase quality of life outcomes for children and young people.

I have BA (hons) degree; qualified teacher status; an Advanced Diploma in The Education of Children with Severe Learning Difficulties from The University of Cambridge; and an Msc in Analysis and Intervention in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, from The Tizard Centre, University of Kent.

During my time at The Tizard Centre I studied Behaviour Analysis and Intervention, Social Psychology of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, Research Methods and Service Issues.

I have conducted detailed assessment, intervention and evaluation of adult residential services and presented recommendations and suggestions to improve service delivery and outcomes.

My long study dissertation was entitled “The impact of communication and assistive technology on adults with learning difficulties and severe communication impairment”, supervised by Professor Glynis Murphy. This involved the evaluation of a south east NHS Communication Assistive Technology Service and its impact on patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In recent years I have been involved in founding a charity which supports children with intellectual and developmental disability in an orphanage in The Ukraine. I have also worked with young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Romania.

I have used a range of assessments and standardised measures to ascertain behavioural function and improve quality of life outcomes. As well as working in residential schools I have experience of working with parents and carers, residential services for adults with learning difficulties and in the clinical psychology department at an inpatient service for adults with a learning disability, mental health and other complex needs.

Over the last 15 years I have delivered training to staff in a range of areas including positive behaviour support.

Trevor King Bsc (hons)

Image of Trevor King, Strive PBS

I have worked with individuals with IDD for 15 years in a residential and educational environment. For the last 7 years, in the capacity as a behavioural support specialist, I have focused on reducing challenging behaviour and increasing skills in order to meet positive quality of life outcomes.

During this time I have delivered residential and educational support on an individual level and from a leadership position. Carrying out such roles has allowed me to gain a thorough and personal understanding of the needs of individuals within my care.

In 2015 I graduated from the Tizard Center, Kent University, with a BSc (hons) in Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Studies and prior to this I completed an NVQ 3 in Caring for Children and Young People.

In my capacity as a behaviour support specialist I continue to work with individuals on a personal level whilst also carrying out training for staff groups in areas such as PBS, reflective practice, developing cultures and best practice.

In recent years I have been involved in founding a charity which seeks to improve the lives of orphans with IDD in Ukraine. I have been to several orphanages and have worked with both individuals housed in the system and the staff employed.

Whilst in the UK I work with the group to raise awareness of the situation and money in order that we are able to make a practical difference in an environment which desperately needs to change.

Our Prices

Rates shown below are based on a whole day's work. If a part of a day is required, prices will be charged as a proportion of the daily rates shown. Rates will include any work engaged in away from the service, family or individual related to analysis or assessment.

Description Families & individuals Organisations
Training: General or Bespoke Training including:-
Positive Behaviour Support; Communication; Person Centred Active Support; Person Centred Planning; Inclusion; Reflective Practice; Bespoke Training £300
per day
per day
Functional assessment, Intervention development
Various observations will be carried out over one day or over consecutive days for up to a week. Interviews are carried out and historical data is reviewed. This will then be analysed, and appropriate interventions will be recommended. Participants are then taught how to implement the interventions and how to continue to record data to ensure the interventions are successful. Follow up support is available at subsequent intervals. £300
per day
per day
Strive PBS consultants will initiate review and thorough assessment of individuals communication skills and needs, liaising with multi-disciplinary professionals, and make recommendations. Appropriate training and implementation of any new communication systems is also offered. £300
per day
per day
per day
per day
Level of Support What this Involves Cost
Informal consultation One hour meeting with 1 consultant. Discussion of issues and suggestions given based on conversation. No measures carried out. £55
Formal consultation Without short report 2 hour meeting with 1 consultant. Discussion of issues and MAS, QABF or other short measure and back ground screen questions to be carried out. Short report to be created and given to care givers once written. £110
Formal consultation With short report 2 hour meeting with 1 consultant. Discussion of issues and MAS, QABF or other short measure and back ground screen questions to be carried out. Short report to be created and given to care givers once written. £190
Formal consultation with report 3 hour meeting with 1 consultant. Discussion of issues and O’Neil Functional Assessment Interview completed. Report written after meeting based on interview. £300
Full functional assessment 5 to 7 days to complete a full assessment of 1 individual. Using MAS/QABF O’Neil FAI, observations of individual, analysis of historical data, analysis of data taken during 5 days, hypothesis of 5 term contingency created and report written which details suggested interventions for reduction of challenging behaviour and increase in positive Quality of life (PBS plan). £1600
Implementation of FFA interventions with training for care givers Consultant to implement the interventions described in the FFA report and to give care givers training so the know how best to follow through on PBS plan. £55
per hour
Follow up of FFA Regular evaluation of interventions and outcomes with the opportunity for interventions to be manipulated where necessary. Regularity to be decided by consultant and care giver. Each follow up meeting to last 2 hours and may involve observation if necessary. £55
per hour

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